About Paradise Valley Ranch Hunting Program

As Montana ranch owners for two decades, AMB West is dedicated to conserving our lands for future generations while also serving our community by being good neighbors. To help our conservation efforts, we’re pleased to offer this unique hunting opportunity across all four properties during the 2022-2023 elk season. The ranches are located south of Livingston, MT in the Paradise Valley. All of these limited elk hunts are completely free of charge and fully guided by our skilled staff.

AMB West is comprised of four properties.  Mountain Sky Guest Ranch, Paradise Valley Ranch and West Creek Ranch are all located in HD 314, north of Rock Creek. The Ranch at Dome Mountain is located in HD 313.

General season cow elk hunts, ALL LICENSED MONTANA RESIDENTS are eligible to apply by filling out the form below beginning August 1st.  We will begin selecting hunters on October 3rd and continue to take applicants through November. Over 100 names will be drawn!  Hunt Coordinators will reach out to you directly if you are selected to schedule your guided one-day hunt.  Please note: During the general rifle season, a general elk tag or 314 ELK B-TAG is required to harvest a cow elk in HD 314.  Only youth hunters with a 313 ELK B-TAG are permitted to harvest cow elk in HD 313.  We strongly encourage youth hunters possessing a 313 B-tag to apply.

Late shoulder season cow elk hunts, ALL LICENSED MONTANA RESIDENTS are eligible to apply by filling out the form below.  These cow elk hunts are one-day hunts.  Applicants MUST select a late shoulder season date to be considered.  This season begins November 28th and concludes February 15th.  Hunt coordinators will begin selecting hunters in mid-November and will continue contacting hunters throughout the shoulder season.  Please note: Hunters may harvest a cow during the late shoulder season in HD 314 with an unused general elk tag or a 314 ELK B-TAG.

Early shoulder season cow elk HD 314 applications are CLOSED.

General season bull elk hunts applications are CLOSED.

Please review our ranch’s lead-free policy, learn where to purchase lead-free ammo and reduce lead toxicity in eagles.

We hope you can join us for what should be an extraordinary experience.

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Applications now open!