Can I apply for a cow elk hunt and a bull elk hunt?

Yes, as long as you are a Park County resident.  All Montana residents may apply for a cow hunt, but only Park County residents are eligible for a bull hunt at PVR.

If I’m drawn for an elk hunt could I bring a friend?

Yes, everyone drawn for a hunt is encouraged to bring a plus-one.  This person may also harvest a cow elk if they choose.  Otherwise, they can simply tag along for the hunt and help pack out.

Can I choose more than one day to hunt?

Applicants may choose up to three dates: one date during the early shoulder shoulder, one date during the general rifle season and one date during the late shoulder season.  We limit the number of dates simply due to the large number of applications received.

How are hunters selected?

Cow hunts are drawn by the day selected.  Two to three cow elk hunters are drawn for each day.

Only four bull hunters are drawn for the general season.  The first person drawn gets to select which weekend they’d prefer to hunt and so on down the line.  Four alternate bull hunters are also selected.

How will I be contacted?

Hunt Coordinators will contact successful hunt applicants by phone as soon as they are drawn.  Bull hunters should expect a call October 2nd.  The cow drawing is far more extensive, so cow hunters will be contacted between October 4th – 8th.  All unsuccessful applicants will receive an email once the drawing is concluded.

What if I fill my elk tag before my scheduled hunt?

Please contact the Hunt Coordinator immediately, so another hunter can be selected.

If I have a B-tag, could I harvest two cow elk during my hunt?

Yes, hunters can use a general elk license and a B-tag for HD 314 during their hunt.  However, opportunities to harvest two cows during a elk hunt will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the hunting guide team.

Is there an opportunity to harvest an elk on AMB West during the shoulder seasons?

Yes, applicants must select shoulder season dates on the application to be considered.  Please note, a 314 B-tag is required for an early shoulder season hunt.  Cow elk may be harvested during the late shoulder season with an unused general elk tag or a 314 B-tag.

Do I really need use lead-free ammunition during my hunt?

Yes!  AMB West is proud to be lead-free and this rule is strictly enforced.  Click here to learn more about our lead-free policy.

Applications open August 1, 2022.