Prior to the Hunt

  • Sight in your rifle using non-lead ammunition and make sure of its accuracy. Bring enough ammunition.
  • Familiarize yourself with the elk hunting regulations for the area.
  • Ensure you possess a valid MT-FWP hunting license to harvest an elk in HD 314 or HD 313.
  • Sharpen your knife for cleaning the animal.
  • Attend an FWP Hunter’s Safety training if you have not already done so (
  • Hunt coordinators will contact hunters three days before their scheduled hunt to solidify details, including check-in time.

On the day of the hunt

  • Address of the hunting headquarters:
    • PVR hunts – 4566 Old Yellowstone Trail North; Livingston, MT
    • MSGR, WCR & RDM hunts – 40 Big Creek Road; Emigrant, MT
  • Arrive on time.  If you are delayed for any reason, please call or text the hunt coordinator.
  • A port-a-potty is located onsite.
  • All hunters will sign a liability waiver upon arrival.
  • Ranch staff will visually confirm that all hunters are using lead-free ammunition. Any hunters not using lead-free ammo will forfeit their hunt.
  • Prior to the hunt, staff will conduct a safety pre-brief, convey clear expectations and answer any questions.
  • All hunters will be escorted in ranch-owned pickups and UTVs. Only ranch-owned vehicles are allowed on the property.
  • Cell phones should be set to non-ring mode.
  • Staff have final say on which animals may be harvested.
  • Staff have the authority to suspend a hunt for any reason to maintain a high level of safety and ethics.
  • Staff will assist hunters with field dressing or quartering their harvest.
  • Staff will assist hunters with transporting or packing an animal out of the field.
  • Whenever possible, staff will collect tissue and blood samples for CWD and brucellosis testing.

After the hunt

  • Hunters will be requested to complete a survey regarding their hunt.
  • Hunters will fill out their CWD test kit questionnaire for submission.
  • Whether or not your AMB West hunt was successful, all hunters are required to stop at MT-FWP game check stations.

Retrieval policy

  • Ranch staff will assist hunter with game retrieval within the ranch boundaries. Hunter is ultimately responsible for game retrieval.
  • Ranch vehicles, including pickups, ATVs and UTVs, operated by ranch employees, will be used during game retrieval as terrain and conditions allows.
  • Hunter should be prepared to quarter and pack out their harvest.  Please bring game bags and a backpack designed for carrying meat.
  • Hunter is responsible for pursuing and dispatching their own wounded game.
  • If a hunter’s wounded animal leaves the ranch boundaries, staff will return the hunter to their vehicle and their ranch hunt is over.
  • Staff will not assist with tracking or retrieval off property.  Additionally, guides are not obligated to help pursue game onto public lands.
  • Any wounded game not retrieved, on or off the ranch, will be considered lost. Staff will report all lost game to MT-FWP.


The AMB West hunt program is being held in collaboration with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. MT-FWP personnel may be on the ranch during the hunt, and hunters should anticipate a visit by the Game Warden to check proper hunting credentials as well as inspection of any harvested animals.  Additionally, ranch staff will collect tissue samples for CWD and brucellosis testing and submit them directly to MT-FWP biologists.

The Hunter’s Checklist – What to Bring

  • Valid elk hunting license issued by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
  • High-powered rifle that has been sighted in with lead-free ammunition
  • Lead-free ammunition – enough ammunition
  • Knife
  • Bone saw
  • Binoculars
  • Water bottle
  • Food
  • Any necessary medications
  • Weather-appropriate clothing and boots
  • Hunter orange
  • Hunting pack (capable to carry meat)
  • Game bags
  • Bear Spray
  • To help ensure a successful hunt, all ranch guides carry rangefinders and telescoping shooting tripods.

What not to bring on the hunt

  • Alcohol – none is permitted during the hunt
  • Illegal or recreational drugs
  • Dogs are not allowed

Hunt applications are closed until next season.